Home Audio Amplifiers - Expert Tips to Improve Your Home Entertainment Audio

Home Audio Amplifiers - Expert Tips to Improve Your Home Entertainment Audio

How would you like a home theater system that sounds so amazing you would think the artists are playing in your home right in front of you? Choosing the right audio amplifier can make a dramatic musical difference in how well your home theater and home theater system will sound.

Use these home theater tips to choose home entertainment and music components, and youll create an outstanding sound console without having to spend a little fortune.

Heres how to get the best value with your home entertainment music system

Your biggest investment for your HDTV should be in your audio amplifier, not your speakers

Specific brands of AV receivers are known to have exceptional music reliability

You need some minimum capacity to achieve good sound

Why do you want a 2-channel stereo music system

Stereo music and home theater surround sound completely different power amplifiers

AV receiver vs. separate audio amplifier components

What is the heart of your home theater system and music system audio?

The problem is that you have so many choices and there are so many brands to choose from its very hard to know where to start. If you shop at your local electronics stores these days, you probably will not find an expert on home theater audio entertainment that is capable enough to really help you. Most online forums and review sites are largely predicted.

The biggest difference between a good sound system and an amazing home theater system is synergy between your components. Basically, how well all separate pieces sound together like your speakers; your AV receiver, your home cinema amplifier, DVD / Blu-ray player, game consoles, iPod, DAC and so on.

The heart of your entire music entertainment system is the audio amplifier that you use. Home audio amplifier is like your cars engine. They are an important factor in the musical synergy that you will hear throughout your home entertainment system. Your second largest investment for your HDTV should be in your audio amplifier, not your speakers.

Choose your audio amplifier based on what youre most interested in for your home entertainment. Do you prefer to listen to stereo music (2 channels) or do you want your music system to be part of your home theater system with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound?

In general, the most realistic live music music you can experience in your home can listen through amplifiers that are only 2 channels stereo.

If you want the best value in stereo music, choose a stereo amplifier with a power of 75 watt to 150 watts per 8 ohms per channel. If your budget is higher, youll hear the best stereo music with a separate stereo amplifier or single mono amplifier and a matching stereo amplifier together. Home audio amplifier with at least 250 watts per channel gives you the best deep bass and overall depth and width of your sound and sound depth from your music sound.

If your main interest is enjoying a home theater surround sound movie experience or playing video games and not just listening to music, youll need a 5.1 or 7.1 multi-channel audio system to experience amazing sound in your home.

You can find the best values ​​in home cinema amplifiers by selecting an AV (audio / video) receiver. You have many choices when selecting an AV receiver. They all have about the same functions today, but only a few have a higher level of loud sound that creates musical synergy for you. Select an AV receiver that has at least 120 watts per channel for all channels. Marantz makes some of the best audio sources AV receivers that you can buy and Marantz quality is first class.

When the budget is not worrying, youll hear the most amazing home theater systems with separate audio channels with high audio quality and a matching audio video processor / preamp. You want to consider multi-channel audio amplifiers with at least 150 watts to 350 watts per channel. Some of the best brands in this category are from: Marantz, Krell, Paragon, Lexicon and Mcintosh to name a few. For a significant step up from an AV receiver, the Marantz AV8003 and MM8003 are both affordable and have outstanding musical sound quality that makes an excellent value for a first-rate home theater and home audio system.

Just remember, when you put together your home theater system or home theater audio system, the heart of your audio system will happen from the quality of home-based audio amplifiers youre using.

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